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Complete transportation (FTL) from Turkey to Tajikistan is being carried out.


In Tajikistan transportation, we serve all types of manufacturers, importers and exporters, and show the necessary care for your satisfaction. We approach our customers as a business partner, promise to do the work right and on time, and ensure their trust. Despite these routes being difficult, complex, and in problematic geographies, we share sensitive issues related to the route with our customers during the proposal stage with country-specific implementations. We send out departure + location + arrival notifications daily or as required by the transit times of the countries.




Our Partial & Complete service routes for transportation in Tajikistan.


Route 1 for Tajikistan transportation: Turkey - Turkmenistan –Uzbekistan-Tajikistan (Most preferred)

Route 2 for Tajikistan transportation: Turkey - Georgia-Azerbaijan(ro-ro)-Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan-Tajikistan





Delivery Destinations in Tajikistan