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Partial means not whole or part. It is a technological transportation management aimed at reducing the cost of the customer or service. It means that the loads of different customers on a route in a country are delivered to one or a few customs. The word partial is part of physical distribution in logistics and is also a branch of the transportation sector. In the transportation sector, transportation services such as complete, partial, project, and heavy transportation are offered.



Partial Transportation in terms of Cost

Partial transportation is advantageous in terms of cost. While renting a complete vehicle can be expensive, the shipping cost is calculated based on values such as size, tonnage, and quantity in partial transportation.



Types of Partial Transportation


Road: It is one of the logistics transportation methods. It offers distribution in accordance with RUT planning using road vehicles. It is a commonly used transportation type. The goods are loaded at the door or a depot. It can be unloaded at one or a few customs in the destination country.


Air: General partial cargo transportation is performed. Loading is perfromed at the airport. The goods are sent by plane. The goods to be transported abroad must be customs cleared.


Sea: Transportation options are offered in containers. Loading is performed at ports. In Turkey, the cargos are loaded partially onto the cleared ships.


Rail: It is a rarely used method. Transportation cost is based on the rente part of the wagon and shipments are carried out in this way. It is not preferred much because the transportation areas are limited.



How do we calculate partial road cost?


When calculating the freight, we take into account 3 criteria.

1)M3 = the area occupied by the load when loaded into any place or appropriate places inside the truck, that is, the volume of the load.

2)Loading meter = the area occupied by the load on the floor of the truck. Allocating space from the bottom to the top of the truck for that load

3)Load weight = Partial vehicles are based on an average gross weight of 20 tons.


When making this calculation, the following values are required from the customer:

Number of containers?

Dimensions in cm of each container as length x width x height?

The total gross weight of the loaded packaged load?

Loading location (Will the customer bring it to our warehouse or will we pick it up from their address?)

All of these values are requested from the customer.