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The Freight Forwarder Liability (FFL) Insurance is a liability insurance that covers the responsibilities arising from bill of lading contracts for national and international transportation and storage companies engaged in transportation, transport, storage, or other related activities. The responsibilities are covered within the conditions and limits specified in the policy.


Today, Freight Forwarder companies, which have the main supplier status in the logistics sector, are the first parties responsible for all justified or unjustified claims against them due to damages that may occur during land, sea, air, railway transportation and storage operations, either due to contracts they signed or international conventions they have to follow.


With a flexible policy, Freight Forwarder companies can obtain coverage and premium according to their operational structure and needs. Thus, they can protect themselves against unnecessary coverage and premium.


The subjects of coverage in Freight Forwarder Liability (FFL) Insurance include many topics such as transportation resulting in a bill of lading, transfer storage, commercial storage activities for profit, transit transportation, flammable/combustible products, and sending the cargo to the wrong place, continuing to its intended destination.


All Freight Forwarder companies that do not have Freight Forwarder Liability (FFL) Insurance are exposed in case of cargo damage or all damages that may arise from the delivery of the cargo to the wrong place. Freight Forwarder Liability (FFL) Insurance also fulfills justified compensation claims within the scope of the policy conditions and protects the insured against unjust claims.