Land Transport
Land transport, Transport Baytur include basic solutions. Particularly in Kazakhstan and Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to life within his own regular weekly partial supply. Baytur this sense, all vehicles with foreign license plates plate, and the Middle East, Turkey and the Turkic Republics "partial service that can offer the best" companies feature.
Maritime Transport
We develop and support our mission with agency network and through Maritime options.
  Import/Export Transports
  FCL/LCL Container Transports
  CL / LCL Import and Export service
Open top, Platform, Flat Rack container transport
Aerial Transport
 We serve almost all IATA ports as port to port or port to door in aerial transportation. We organize different transportations such as normal cargo or dangerous material transportation by both aerial way and chartering way to desired place on desired time.
Project Deliveries
We can find solutions to all project deliveries to be made to the Middle East and Turkish Republics by both TRAILER TRUCK with foreign plate and with multi modal solutions such as train, maritime ways by low freight and high quality service.
3 Countries and ve Transit Shipments
Baytur had the feature of being the only main and safe supplier of the new markets through the routes it works and through the mission it undertakes. Therefore, it creates solutions to your customers container or full vehicle options in both complete and in partial...
After classifying your loads coming to the storage by advanced technology and trained personnel by barcode system, Baytur realizes the stowing in related country area. As a result of the instructions received from terminals, vehicles are loaded on the related vehicle